United States Air Force – Transformers AWUB 13-0132 

Barksdale Air force Base, LA

-Provide all labor, materials, equipment & supervision

-Disconnect & remove existing transformer 2000 KVA, 12,470 volt/480Y/277 Delta Wye oil filled

-Inspect and repair concrete pad & foundation

-Customize and fabricate new transformers

-Install new Transformer 2000 KVA, 12,470 Volt/480Y/277 Delta WYE non-PCB oil filled

USACE Seepage Repair 

New Orleans, LA

-21,648 Linear Feet

-Cracks repair by injecting hydrophilic urethane

-Spall removal and repair

-Saturated surface dry condition

-Dayton Superior HD-50 repair mortar

USACE Storm Proofing – Westminster Lincolnshire Pump Station 

Marrero, LA

-Upgraded structures to withstand wind resistance of 160 mph

-11’X11’ raised structural concrete platform

-Installation of automated backup generator

-Fabrication and installation of 20 ton deflector plates

-Installation of anti-missile dampers

-Erection of 50 ton walls 

-Installation of wind rated standing seam roof and overhead doors

-50 tons of galvanized structural steel exterior wall reinforcement diaphrams

USACE JSP-08A, Storm Proofing Interior Pump Station- 

Jefferson Parish, LA

-Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades

-Installation of ventilation fans

-Automation of existing dampers

-Installation of new automatic lubricators

-Installation of new electric actuators for valves

-Reinforcement of trash rake motors

USACE Atchafalaya Basin Levee Enlargement

St. Mary Parish, LA

-Clearing & grubbing

-Soil testing

-Lime soil amendment & Sulphur soil amendment

-Installation of geo-textile separator

-Installation of 610 surfacing

-Borrow pit development


-Compacted fill & surfacing

-Hydroseeding & hydromulching

-Concrete scour protection


St. Bernard Parish, LA

Located on Mississippi River Levee

Remove and Replace 26 Ft high concrete reinforced floodwall

-Installation of 60 ft PZ27 sheet piles

-Installation of 110 ft H piles

-Asphalt paving

-Clearing & grubbing

-Overtopping protection

-Straddle enlargement & floodwall modification

-Structural excavation and backfill

-Cast-in-place structural concrete


-Concrete scour protection & slope pavement

-Turf establishment

USACE Settlement Remediation – Seabrook Gate Fall Protection 

USACE New Orleans District, LA

-Design and installation of fall protection systems

50 Meter Pool Bathhouse & Admin Building 

Fort Polk, LA

-Design Build Project

-Controlled access job site

-Vertical construction renovation

-Complete internal and exterior renovation

-New building addition to existing building

-New electrical and mechanical system

-New data and communication system installed

Barksdale Hanger 1 Replacement (Bldg. 6604) 

Air Force Base, Barksdale, LA

-109,000 SF of 3 ply modified Bitumen Roof R5

-Removal of asbestos panel on penthouse

-Install new carbon steel drain lines with PVC

-Design and replace roof drain system

-Removal and capping of 17 gravity fans

-Controlled access job site

-Asbestos Remediation